Dolmøy House of Seafood produces pure seafood from Frøya and Hitra in Trøndelag! 

Further processing of fish has long traditions on the Trøndelag coast. We have taken the best of our heritage and in addition given our products a distinctive character. 

  • The fish consists exclusively of Norwegian wild caught whitefish and shellfish as well as Norwegian farmed salmon of high premium quality

  • Shortest way from boat to customer

  • We inspect all seafood before delivery

The production has roots in old traditions in the smoking and digging of fish, but with our own product development, we have our own tricks to make the taste and texture as we think it should be. The products produced in our premises at Hitra are made under strict hygiene and quality control requirements. Dolmøy House of Seafood has its own system for quality assurance of production. Raw materials are purchased from regular suppliers and undergo careful scrutiny before entering production. You will find our products in grocery stores in Trøndelag and Møre. 

Dolmøy House of Seafood is a total supplier of fresh and processed fish, both white fish and Salmon. We can offer a wide range of fish, such as fresh, lightly salted and a various selection of smoked products. 

We are a part of Bremnesgruppen and have an extended coopiration with Rabben Restaurant that is located at Sistranda on Frøya. 

The fishing reception at Dolmøy has a history dating back to 1920. Then a pier was built at Halvard Holmen by the Grandfather of Even Dolmøy, the founder of the Dolmøy fishing industry. Until 1976, there were herring, fresh and stockfish sales, as well as own production of stockfish. For a time it was the country's largest herring production. On the second floor there was land trade and housing. In addition, steamship expedition was associated with the pier and sale of gasoline and oil. In 1976, Even Dolmøy founded the Dolmøy - Fishing industry and it has since then been a reception for fishermen. 

In 2013, Hallgeir Bremnes bought the entire property and invested in the fish reception. As a fisherman's son, this was an important investment and dream for Hallgeir, to provide a quality-conscious fishery that brought life to these historic walls. 

In 2015 he also bought the bankruptcy estate for Hitra Laks and started processing salmon products. 

Handmade food with love is the most important postulate of Dolmøy House of Seafood. It should be quality at every level, and we use recipes that have been used for generations.

Dolmøy House of Seafood AS